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Some of the testimonies received by our Romanian Office...

“Esteemed Foundation,

I wish to you that the grace , the peace and Lord’s blessings to be over poured in your lives. I am a sister from the village Hetiur near Sighisoara, member in a Pentecostal church from Sighisoara and I had the opportunity to read your daily meditation WFT. This material it is a true , special gift and a true blessing for me, the lord spoke to me in a special way through it and I read it twice. I would like to receive from you this copy if it is possible. I have another request if you could send me 20 copies to give to the youth of our church. May God bless you, strengthen you and guide you to new achievements,

With love and respect,

Sister Lidia Szabo “

“Peace, dear brothers in the Lord!

We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the beautiful ministry you do through this devotionals. The brothers and sisters wish you strength and many blessings in the New Year. We will be very glad if you will keep us in your db for 2008 in order to receive them in the future. We wait for them. May God bless you! Your brothers in the Lord. Baptist church Mal, Caras-Severin.”

“Beloved brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We rejoice over the soul gift that you print and we wish God’s blessing in your lives. The church “Sfanta Treime” from Iasi it is a new assembly. We are 67 members and we are involved in evangelization. We heard about your wonderful ministry and we would like to be together co workers in developing the Divine Kingdom . We will be very glad if we could benefit of your devotions. Our need is for 100 copies. Hoping that you will be for us a blessing we thank you in advance and we pray God bless you! With Christian love, pastor, Vadean Emil.”

“Hello. My name is Stefu Silviu and I am a member of BrotherlyChurch from Tg- Jiu. I am a faithful reader of the WFT but I receive it from my brother from Bucharest . I would like that all the brothers from the church to have it and it will be a big blessing reading it daily. For me personal, it is daily instrument through which I am built myself spiritual.

It will be wonderful, if through your kindness and with God’s help to send us 70-80 meditations. Thank you and may God bless you!

With respect, Stefu Silviu, Tg-Jiu, Gorj.”

“I thank you for the WFT that you’ve been sending to me for 3,4 years. Everything comes from the Lord’s hands and from Him I would like to send you 50 Lei for the ministry and His glory. Be blessed by the Lord who made heaven and the earth. You are fine children of God. May the lord protect you of every evil and may He make you a blessing. Suciu Traian, Sarmas, Harghita.”

“Esteemed brothers in the Lord Jesus,

I wish if it possible to send me the WFT. Someone lend it to me and I say about it that it is very needed for daily devotion. We are a church of 100 persons but about 10 copies will be enough if you can send them. I thank you in advance and OI pray the Lord will help you in preaching the Word in this way. Moga Emil, Tarnaveni, Mures.”

“We, the church “Diakonia” from Suceava we plea you to be gracious to us and to send us 100 copies of WFT. We thank you and we assure you of a good distribution of every copy. We appreciate the contain of this devotional and we hope to be a real support for many who know the Lord and our Savior, and, maybe even for those who are far away from Him!

With consideration, Prb. Vasile Bodnariuc”

“I’ve received a copy of WFT from a sister from another village and it helped me a lot. Not knowing how to enter in its possession for the next months I dared to write to you and I would like to know if I can receive for every moth 15 copies because in our church we didn’t have the opportunity to receive these meditations. God bless you!” Felicia Grigore, Pascani, Iasi ”

“God bless you!

My name is Daniela Bulboaca from Ungureni, Botosani. I found your address in a copy that someone has given to me and I decided to write to you. First of all I pray that God will bless your soul with much grace and peace because you publish God’s Word in these meditations in a way that everyone can understand it and it is a true spiritual consistent food for the soul. In the last copy I found lots joy and comfort for my soul. I thank you. I plea you from the bottom of my heart to send me the next editions it will be a great joy to receive them and I could send you some financial gift through post office. I thank you and I greet you with Rom. 15:13. Reading this meditation I was inspired to write and to urge others to read it.”Read daily and you will see

How your life will prosper

How you will receive hope and strength

And even new sources of comfort!

Indeed, the way you explain the verses from the Bible, using stories or examples the WFT is like a very delicious cake for the soul, it is not just feeding it but it is refreshing too! May God strengthen you in all you do”

"Esteemed Brothers

Recently I got a copy from your publication the WFT. I received it from a sister from Timisoara who visited us and we consider that it is a true blessing for us, it comforts us greatly and it encourages us.

We ask from the bottom of our hearts to send also other copies because it is a special spiritual food and desired by every believer or non believer. We pray to the Lord to support you in the ministry that you will be able to send this treasure as many as souls.

With brotherly love and gratitude,

Fam. Stoia Gherasim, Tirnova, Arad"

"These booklets are very useful for my family and therefore I pray that God may give you health and many joys for doing such a wonderful ministry. Since I began reading them I have started praying more than before and especially for those who don't know God! I want to send you part of my small pension so that the booklets continue to be printed in the future."

"I want to tell you that through the daily devotionals I was able to reach the hears of my classmates. You are a blessing for me and my church. We are praying for all the team working on the devotionals and we wish God rewards your efforts. Don't give up and don't get tired in this ministry because we are supporting you on our arms of prayer."

"The daily devotional - God's Word For Today - is highly regarded in prison. Please send us more books so that we can give them. We thank God for all of you who have a big heart for those searching for God."

"My mother who is 62 and a neighbour who is 68 receive the wonderful book and they like it a lot! They are not dedicated to God, but I noticed they were touched by the daily devotional. I believe that with your help and my prayers they will turn their hearts to God."

"I am 80 and I was hospitalised together with a lady who was using this book for praying every morning. I could enjoy reading it while I was in hospital, but I would like to receive it for all the year 2004. I haven't known the word of God until now, but I don't think it is too late for me to have a relationship with God. God help me and please give me a hand - you too!"