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Monday, 27 February 2006

Team of helpers set out for Jibou

With the footings of our print-shop extension almost complete, a team of volunteers is heading for Jibou to assist in the construction process. The aim is to complete the extension as soon as practically possible. In January, builder Dave McGuire came to Seer Green and spoke at a Church "Men's Breakfast" meeting about his schedule for the work this spring. As a result of his talk, the trustees asked for volunteers to travel out in the month of March to help build the extension. Dave has already started the work, despite freezing temperatures in Jibou.

Sean O' Flanagan, Howard Measham & Bill Dixon (a retired builder) are heading out on the 5th March, some to stay until the project is completed. On the 9th March, Gary Lester heads out along with two young men from the village - Jamie Zealey & Gareth Quinton - and will stay until the 18th. Peter Bannister & Joseph O’Flanagan will join them on the 13th March, and Tim & Marion Cox are going out on the 18th March, and will stay until the 30th March. So there's a lot going on.

Seer Ministries thanks Chris Mercer for her assistance in promoting our work on her recent concerts tours to Romania. We were blessed by a visit on the 18th February when she sang for us at a special evening event. It is, therefore, a real pleasure to announce that Seer Ministries is assisting Chris by jointly organising a concert tour for her in the North of Romania in June – for nine days.

We anticipate 92,000 copies of the next edition of the Word for today, plus 3000 for the Chris Mercer tour.

Our film "Under a Free Blue Sky" has been shown again on the UCB-TV network.