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Saturday, 15 March 2008

eBay launch a success!

Seer Ministries want to thank those who have donated items for the eBay project. The first items went on sale on the 31st January, and so far over twenty items sold for a value of more than £200. Our only restriction is the amount of items available, so at present we have 32 items for auction, ranging from a complete fireplace, a fitness machine, a violin in its case, to toiletries and make up for the ladies. Our seller name is; seer_ministries
Your support is always needed, so if you are a regular eBay user, then register SEER MINISTRIES as your charity and donate even a few precent of your taking to us through MissionFish. If you live within a reasonable distance of Beaconsfield and have various bits and pieces in the attic that you'd like to dispose of, then contact Tim and he will be happy to collect any unwanted goodies and sell them on eBay. (tim@seerministries.org)
Thanks for your support.