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Wednesday, 30 January 2008


At a recent Trustees meeting when various fundraising possibilities were discussed, the subject of starting a charity shop was raised. After some discussion, the Trustees decided that the costs of running such a venture, in both financial and human terms, would be prohibitive.

Tim Cox had the idea of registering Seer Ministries as an eBay charity, which would allow anyone who uses eBay to select Seer Ministries as a charity to which a proportion of their profit could be donated.
Also, Tim has taken on the responsibility of selling items directly on behalf of Seer Ministries, so that ALL the proceeds (after eBay's fees have been taken)will go towards the work of the Charity.

Watch out for seer_ministries as a seller, or if you are a seller and you wish to donate some of your takings to Seer Ministries, then you will find us in the database of eBay Registered Charities.