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Thursday, 21 May 2009


The Trustees are seriously considering an opportunity to print the Word for today in CROATIA.

Various factors have recently occurred to suggest that this needy nation may be open to our services. Indeed, having obtained the necessary permissions from UCB, we have obtained a translation of The Word For Today and printed a test booklet. Watch this space for future developments.

Whatever or wherever happens, SEER MINISTRIES needs financial and prayer support!

We are delighted to announce a new publication:-


This delightfully illustrated set of six booklets allows us to print the story of Jesus with the text taken directly from scripture.

The first thousand copies have been printed and distributed to mounting enthusiasm from churches and charities.

Our friend David McGuire uses the booklets with the gypsy communities among which he works. It seems many more will be produced in the near future.

Several thousand of each of the blank booklets were donated to Seer Ministriesby WEC, having been acquired from the Canadian Bible Society. Our printers have taken the Romanian texts directly from the Bible, so these are illustrated stories with the original texts.

There are plans to print texts in other E.European languages, as these are an amazing tool for spreading the Gospels.