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Thursday, 6 April 2006

Extension virtually complete!

Seer Ministries are thrilled to announce that an extension for our print-shop in Jibou, Romania is now all but complete. On the 30th March 2006, Tim & Marion Cox flew home as the last members of the team of volunteers from the UK, who had assisted in the construction of the extension.

Builder David McGuire, who is resident in Romania, has been the guiding hand over the entire project. He is adding the final touches, ably assisted by Alex (our assistant printer).

David (Left) went over to Romania a few years ago as an aid worker through his local church, but has stayed on and has assisted in or managed many different projects, including Seer Ministries building work. He is to be congratulated on his forthcoming marriage to a Romanian girl, they are to be married in the UK in May. Dave has taken on the personal delivery of the Word For Today in Albanian. Special thanks are due to Billy Dixon (in red), a volunteer from Stockport who brought his considerable building skills to the project, and without whom progress would never have been as swift.

With all the electric cabling put in place by a local electrician, the print-shop is now only waiting the laying of the special floor, that is tough enough and sealed so that the heavy printing equipment may operate effectively and the paper is kept dry. Hopefully, the new floor will add 8cm to the level and be finished off with a special polished surface, similar to supermarket floors.

Here we see the desperate need for the extra space, as Alex fights his way through the mountains of paper and finished product just to undertake a day's work.

So, thanks to all our volunteers, particularly the members of Seer Green Baptist Church, and the two young men, Jamie and Gareth, from the village of Seer Green. Without you we could never have managed it.

The almost-finished product. The roof consists of two layers of roofing felt under corrugated roofing sheets that are flexible and completely waterproof. All walls are double skinned with insulation, while the ceiling has fibre-glass and polystyrene insulation. The windows and doors are double glazed UPVC units, giving weather and sound insulation to the construction. The guttering and drainpipes are all now in place, and the cosmetic stipple will be added shortly, when a colour can be agreed upon.

The whole project has grabbed the interest of many local residents, who are surprised that the English are building such a durable extension. It is a far higher quality than normal Romanian constructions.